Static analysis toolkit for C#, developed in ISP RAS


Smart analysis

Syntax analysis, data flow anaysis, path-sensitive analysis. Interprocedural and intermodule. Statistics-based warning filtering.


Warning traces

Errors are often caused by a combination of several factors. Our warnings contain traces, i. e. sequences of points in source code which caused the error.

Visual Studio integration

Explore warning traces and fix the bugs quickly, without leaving the IDE.

Quick start

Analysis history server

One-time analysis is not enough if you want to ensure the stability of your program. Integration into the development process allows you to find new bugs as soon as they are added and reduces the cost of fixes.

External function modeling

You can model the behavior of functions from external libraries with summaries or simplified C# implementations.

Various warning types

From the obvious typos to potential references to null which has come from different method.

Warning list